ESP8266 mesh network

As first day owner of several Philips Living Colors / Hue products, I am very sad not to have such Zigbee like protocol in the world of Arduino and ESP.¬†As regular task I am researching¬†for the latest possibilites to run a mesh network using Arduino and/or Espressif’s ESP8266.

Actually there are these chances:


  • already included in ESP8266 Arduino
  • performs without encryption
  • As I added encryption it stopped working properly / packet drops due timings
  • Maybe useful as “auto-discovery” service


  • Nice try, but to be honest: forget about it


  • Developed by Espressif
  • ESP SDK, no Arduino (no problem for me)
  • looks promising


As long there is no final solution, just stick to manual configuration and use a router as AP – better connectivity anyway.

Stay tuned.

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