ESP8266 mesh network

As first day owner of several Philips Living Colors / Hue products, I am very sad not to have such Zigbee like protocol in the world of Arduino and ESP. As regular task I am researching for the latest possibilites to run a mesh network using Arduino and/or Espressif’s ESP8266. Actually there are these chances: ESP8266WifiMesh …

Cyanogenmod 12 bq Aquaris M5

Cyanognemod on your bq Aquaris M5 phone with latest Android security fixes? Here you go. Update 2015-12-15: Since the latest cyanogenmod releases the new firmware is needed. Otherwise the phone goes mad with rebooting and strange sensor behaviour. As I don’t want to mess around with my phone I returned to original bq stock firmware and …

Xen on Debian with IPtables IPv4 IPv6

This will show how to setup iptables, ip6tables for Xen on Debian using iptables-persistent. Example config for HTTP, HTTPS, SSH server with IPv4 and IPv6. Install iptables-persistent, a boot-time loader for netfilter rules, using apt-get.

During install a dialog will show up asking for snapshotting IPv4/IPv6 rules to files and use them as default. …

Xen management – xl instead of xm toolstack

Outdated. Short YouTube video about why to switch from xm to xl. xend is depricated since Xen 4.1. Thus .. watch First crash was with xen-create-image. Failed with

Well, default toolstack in /etc/xen not set.