AllDup – Compare and find duplicate files

Working on several machines and having different progress on your working directories can be very hard. Speaking of code, there is GIT and no excuse not to use a version control system.

But then, there is this binary jungle. The temporary download directory (you have on all the machines), the image collection of the last holiday from that you already took a rushed backup on the fileserver. Unfortunately the directories differ in size?! (You already deleted the foodporn)

To merge these directories under Linux, there is some find+md5sum+sed+awk magic to resolve issues. With Windows and data on network storage there is this freeware solution: AllDup

Cool facts

  • Several languages supported
  • A lot of switches to study before use
  • Compare files with size, name, checksum, edit date,…
  • Save the search and compare results
  • Can ignore EXIF and ID3 tag
  • Free for company and private use
  • Multiple search on different storages simultaneously
  • Portable Edition
  • Free!

How it works

Several storage options can be selected for duplicate search. Configure the way comparism is done – duplicates by size and checksum will be the best – and start the search. On the result pages there is more filter available to select files for move or deletion.



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