Create Xen DomU Xen-Tools template

First there are a few things to consider and configure before creating new virtual machines (DomU). Loopback vs LVM Transfering a file is easier than moving lvm volumes to servers. As the DomU will run services in production, lvm is the better choice. Other possibilities for more portability: Docker, XenServer Cluster, OpenStack XL config Modify…

Xen management – xl instead of xm toolstack

Outdated. Short YouTube video about why to switch from xm to xl. xend is depricated since Xen 4.1. Thus .. watch First crash was with xen-create-image. Failed with Running command ‘/usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/xl create /etc/xen/srv-sz-1.cfg 2>&1’ failed with exit code 768. Aborting Well, default toolstack in /etc/xen not set.