Skip or force fsck on reboot Debian

Reboot without fsck Rebooting debian server skipping fsck run on boot: user@server:~# sudo shutdown -rf now Reboot with fsck Rebooting debian server forcing fsck run on boot: user@server:~# sudo shutdown -rF now Another solution is to create a file called forcefsck. user@server:~# sudo touch /forcefsck

Howto Xen 4.4 on Debian Jessie at Hetzner

Introduction This instructions are for base installation of Xen hypervisor on Debian Wheezy/Jessie server on Hetzner root server. First we are going to install useful linux tools. After installation and configuration of Xen on Debian, we are doing the network setup with IPv4 and IPv6. There is a difference wheter you buy a IP address subnet or single additional…