XenServer 6.5 released OpenSource

Recently I read a nice blog article about Xen and Docker and why it is useful to have them both.

Development on Open Source XenServer is active.
Together with docker it feels like being on the right track!

Go here to give XenServer a go: http://xenserver.org/open-source-virtualization-download.html

Managing XenServer cluster using web interface can be done with Xen Orchestra ($$$ per month see comments). There is a community edition with really few features.

There is another tiny, free project called XAC on Github demonstrating how to use the xapi with js.

I am still looking for perfect replacement for XenCenter (Windows blah) which allows moving “virtual machines” on the fly within a XenServer cluster. Unless there is no easy way to use Xen as “Xen Cluster” without XenServer, I will stick to Debian and Xen “standalone”.
Nevertheless, XenServer is a great bundle with management possibilities.
It will take some time to have good tools working, made for DevOps, Monitoring guys and MS Windows fanatics.

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